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Optional : Sign non-disclosure agreement
We promise to treat any and all information we receive as confidential and to never disclose any details of your business to anyone else without your express consent.

To get this in writing in a contractually binding agreement, just ask a consultant to send you a signed non-disclosure agreement.
Step 1 : Tell us about your business
For our teams to create the best business plan for you, we need to understand everything there is to know about your business. Gather any information you have (sales data, estimates, client lists, operations, financials, projections, and any notes you may have). If the idea is still in your head, jot down the essentials so we have something to work from. Talk to a planning consultant for help on getting started.

It's your business - think about what is the most important, and let us know. We take care of all the creative writing, and fill in whatever might be missing. But the more you send us, the more effectively we can create the plan in your vision. If you're not sure about the details yet, that's fine too. Do your best, and we'll take care of the rest.

Don't know where to start? Try filling out our business plan questionnaire to get things rolling, or contact us and a consultant will be happy to help
Step 2 : Wait 5-7 days while our business team prepares your plan
Once we receive all the information from you about your business, your business team is hand-picked to fit your business. Your personal consultant assesses which skills and professionals are needed to best create your business plan, and organizes your team accordingly.

Our teams begin work and a completed business plan will be ready for your review within 7 business days.

During this time, if you think of any additions or details you forgot to tell us about, don't worry! Just tell your planning consultant, who will pass it along to the planning team. Your consultant will stay in touch while our teams are working on your plan to make sure we produce the business plan that you want.
Step 3 : Review, revise, and finalize
Once you receive your completed business plan, look it over. Review the numbers and research our team has gathered for you.

Make sure everything is aligned with how you envision your business to be.

If you have any questions, comments, or revisions, your consultant will work with you to reach a finalized plan.

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